LiveSafe Culture

In 2011 Pioneer introduced the LiveSafe initiative to further improve the safety of Pioneer employees on the job, at home and everywhere in between. The initiative incorporates the view that safety requires more than having the right equipment and proper training. It also requires—for many people—a dramatic shift in how they think about safety.


Our initiative is designed to strengthen and solidify the culture of safety that exists throughout the organization. The effort began with surveys to determine employee attitudes about safety. We then began to introduce a new approach to thinking about safety through a renewed management commitment, training, frequent communications, and changes in how safety is discussed and demonstrated by our employees.

From senior management to crew supervisors, the LiveSafe message is getting out to employees across the organization. LiveSafe is helping to instill a:

  • Mindset of living without injuries and incidents
  • Personal commitment to create an existence free of injuries and incidents
  • Culture of dignity and respect for all people